Utah Nurse Practitioner Association

Posted over 6 years ago by Wendy Rusin

Utah Nurse Practitioner Association

Board of Directors

Call for Nominations

Explanation of 2012 Elections

In an effort to encourage more participation on the UNP board and to also promote candidates to the executive office who have more experience, we inadvertently announced some additional requirements for the elections which are not consistent with our policy and procedures.  We are sorry for this mistake and are taking quick action to remedy the situation by reopening the elections

                As current president of UNP, I wish to say that the current board has always made every effort to function and make decisions for the benefit of UNP members. There has never been any attempt to deceive UNP members or to act in any malicious way. The policies and procedures are less than one year old and work will be done to edit them as needed, but they are an effort to help the organization run more smoothly. I would encourage any member or non-member of UNP to find their way to the new ballot according to the guidelines listed on the new call for nominations. I have been given the impression that there are numerous individuals interested in running. I expect to see a very full ballot of candidates.

Call for Nominations

This is your opportunity to participate in UNP. If you would like to be involved, but not sure how, this is your ticket.

General Board of Directors:

Membership: Two year consecutive board position

Legislation: Two year consecutive board position

Communication: one year board position

Executive Board of Directors:

President-elect: Three year consecutive term of office. President-elect will transition to president automatically after serving one year term. Manages the organization and acts as official representative.

Treasurer: Two year consecutive term of office. Coordinates financial management, responsible for budget and oversees payment of operations.

                As per the UNP policies and procedures, any member of UNP or any non-member may run for any of the above positions. No previous experience is required. If a non-member is elected, they will have to join the organization in order to be a voting member on the board. Individuals who were candidates on the previous 2012 ballot may run for the offices for which they previously ran, for another vacancy or they may remove their name from the ballot.

                Interested candidates, including those on the 2012 ballot, should submit their letter of interest, vita, and a statement of which office for which they wish to run to Jessica Lewis-Caporal at  by 31Dec 2012. The bios will be reviewed by the nominating committee for conflict of interest issues. The ballot will be created and posted for review by members for the required 30 days on 3 January 2013 and voting will be begin on 1 February. Those elected will be announced on 1 March 2013.

It should be noted that on 31 December 2012, the membership roster will be cleared and only those who are full paying members will remain on the roster and be allowed to vote in the February election.