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2015 UNP Elections

Posted about 3 years ago by Michelle Litchman

Dear Utah Nurse Practitioner Association Members,

It is now time to begin the 2015 UNP elections cycle and we would like to invite you to nominate your fellow nurse practitioners for our organization's open positions, which are listed below. You may also nominate yourself to these positions if you are are interested in serving our state association.

  • Nominations Committee Member (1 position, 3 year term)
  • Secretary (1 position, 2 year term)
  • Board Member (2 positions, 2 year term)
  • President-Elect (1 position, 3 year term)

When nominating a fellow nurse practitioner, please include their full name, email address, and a number where they can be reached if available. Also, please alert them to your nomination since we will then ask them for a CV and brief reason for why they would like to be in that position. If you nominate yourself, please include the same information.

Thank you for your participation and your support,

The UNP Nominations Committee