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Second Call for Nominations - UNP Board Positions

Posted almost 4 years ago by Michelle Litchman


Utah Nurse Practitioners

Call for Nominations to Elected Board Positions

Utah Nurse Practitioner members, the current nominations committee is accepting names of candidates to fill the following board positions:

President-Elect (3 year term)

The President-Elect serves on the UNP Board for 3 consecutive years. The first year is spent as President-Elect, the second year the candidate seamlessly succeeds to the office of President, and the third year the candidate serves as the Immediate Past President. Duties of the President-Elect include overseeing projects as assigned by the President and acting for the President when needed.

Treasurer (2 year term)

The Treasurer serves two years and is chiefly responsible for keeping financial records of the organization, maintaining accounts, and working with the tax accountant to file taxes each year.

Board Member (2 year term) x 2 positions

Board members serve to represent the members of the organization in a general sense. Board members vote on all items related to Utah Nurse Practitioners. In addition, the President will assign specific board members to various committees as liaison and to oversee special UNP projects.

Consider nominating a colleague or yourself for any of the above positions.

Please send nominations to unpnominations@gmail.com.