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Home Health Care Improvement Act of 2011 (S 227)

Posted over 7 years ago by Wendy Rusin

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Attention: Utah Nurse Practitioners

Federal Legislation Needed for Nurse Practitioners to order Home Health Care for Medicare patients without restriction

Utah has no co-sponsors!

Rural states needed! 

Home Health Care Improvement Act of 2011 (S 227)

Your representatives at AANP are working hard to get legislation passed in Congress to allow NPs to order home health care for Medicare patients without restrictions. Your letters & telephone calls needed NOW to your Senators (Hatch & Lee).

Sample letters are attached or can be obtained and sent from the AANP Advocacy Center at www.aanp.org <http://www.aanp.org/>

Please contact me with any questions. Please help us help you. Thank you very much.  Comments have been enabled on this announcement



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