Health Care Reform and NPs - Please read

Posted over 8 years ago by Valerie Flattes

Utah Nurse Practitioners,


As you all know, the results of the November election has changed the political climate in Washington, DC.  The House of Representatives will shortly be voting to repeal the health care reform law passed last spring.  The Senate will not likely take up the issue and in the unlikely event that congress repeals health care reform, it is likely that President Obama would veto the bill.  There are also almost 100 new legislators on Capitol Hill this year, most of which have little or no understanding of Nurse Practitioners or how we fit into the health care system.   AANP believes that the health care reform legislation though not perfect, contains many provisions beneficial to our patients as well as to Nurse Practitioner practice.  Whatever your political leanings, I am asking that you contact your Representative (Bishop, Matheson or Chaffetz) and educate him about the positive aspects of the health care reform law and recommend that he work to improve the law rather than to repeal it.  We have attached a sample letter as well as a list of positive provisions for patients and NPs. 


Best Regards,


Penny Kaye Jensen


American Academy of Nurse Practitioners


Lee Moss

Utah State Representative

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners



Examples of positive provisions of the health care reform bill


For patients:

Keeping children on parent’s health care insurance until 26 years old.

Eliminating insurance denials for preexisting conditions

Eliminating annual and lifetime coverage caps

Requirement for insurance plans to cover recommended preventative health services

Elimination of Medicaid Part D (prescription drug coverage) “Donut Hole”


For Nurse Practitioners:

Including NPs in Primary Care Provider definition

Including NPs in Medical Home programs: (2011-19)

Including NPs in Independence at Home programs (2010-14)

Funding for Nurse-managed centers; school based clinics (2010-14)

Including NPs in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) (2013)

Insurance Exchanges

Graduate Nursing Education funding legislation (2012-15)

Advanced Practice Education Authorization (funding for NP education) (2011)

Non Discrimination Language (Immediate)

Provider neutral language




Example of Letter:


Dear Representative


I am writing to express my concern about the pending vote to repeal the recently passed Health Care Reform legislation. This legislation contains many needed provisions for our patients that will enhance access to care and increase badly needed primary care services through the use of nurse practitioners that you do not want to lose. While it is realized that this is not a perfect bill, and that some provisions need to be adjusted, I ask that you think about the patients and providers in your district who will not be able to access and provide much needed health care services if this legislation is repealed.