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Hey Utah! We're Officially GREEN on the AANP Scene, which means....

Posted over 1 year ago by Melissa J Hinton

Just in! All those years working for Full Practice Authority in Utah . . . it all changed in a MOMENT with the flourish of a pen!

Today (03/16/2023), Governor Spencer Cox signed SB 36 (sub5) into law. This means that the previous language which kept Utah "Yellow In A Sea Of Green" is officially dead. Restrictive language related to NP practice has been redacted thanks to the tireless efforts of hundreds of NPs and numerous legislators who continued to challenge the "norm" of an antiquated leadership structure in healthcare, knowing that Utah could do better.  The goal was and is to build on what Utah does well and use unique approaches to develop a better healthcare delivery system, together.

Collaborative agreements and TTP restrictions to prescribe CII medications is a thing of the past. Now, we look to the future in developing trusting, lasting, and collegial mentor-relationships with all providers in healthcare. We look forward to better communication and team-building efforts that do not undermine each other. We call for a stronger effort to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to ALL Utahans that will transcend borders and reduce disparities. We ask that as we begin to restructure outdated ideas and delivery systems for healthcare, we will each commit to treating each other with respect. We know that Utah has more to offer, can do more with the strength of NPs, PAs and physicians working together, and that unity is the key to a less-fragmented approach to patient care.

Here is our new family portrait of NP Full-Practice Authority States:

UNP would like to sincerely thank Legislators Curt Bramble, Cory Maloy, Doug Welton, Jim Dunnigan, Anthony Loubet, Marsha Judkins, Walt Brooks, Sandra Hollins, Norman Thurston, David Hinkins, and the many others who have sponsored and supported UNP in our decades-long legislative work. A special thanks to Danny Harris with AARP, Mark Steinegel and Jeff Busjahn, Libertas, NCSBN, DOD, VA, UNA, AANP, ANA, UAPA, and many others who have seen value and benefit in making healthcare in Utah a priority. Thank you to iconic NPs who continue to serve over decades (you know who you are; we love you!). Thank you to the Legislative Committee members who have worked tirelessly for FPA since the inception of UNP in the late 1990s.

Now, let's get to work! We have things to do, people to see, and more to come. There is still much work to be done for equitable pay and fair business opportunity. Issues like credentialing, insurance issues, and leadership seats for NPs in Utah healthcare still need to be addressed.  

We need young blood to help move us forward. Please join us. We can do this!!!

Congratulations Utah!

Utah Nurse Practitioners Association