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Notice of intended update to UNP Bylaws

Posted 3 months ago by Melissa J Hinton

This notice and possible update to the existing UNP Bylaws will not change any due process or basic tenants. It will add information for the Awards and Scholarship Committee which has not previously been included in the Bylaws.  This notice will be posted for 4 weeks and will be voted on during the Special Elections Voting in late April, 2022 which will be open for 2 weeks. Please see the following language addition which uses replicated language from other committees in the UNP Bylaws: 

The Awards and Scholarships Committee shall consist of three NP members in good standing who are not holding any other UNP office, elected by the membership entitled to vote in elections during the regular election process. Awards and Scholarships Committee members are elected for three (3) year terms with one member being elected every year in rotation, and are eligible to seek reelection to the Awards and Scholarships Committee for one additional term commencing at the expiration of their current term. Members of the Committee are not eligible for nomination for any other elected position while serving on the committee. Nominations and voting for the Awards and Scholarships Committee members shall otherwise proceed in the same manner as set forth in Article VI. The committee will have a chairperson who is serving in the second year of their term as a member of the Awards and Scholarships Committee, who will hold that position for one year. Upon completion of the one year term of office, the chair will be available, if needed, to help mentor the incoming chairperson. In the event a vacancy occurs in any position of the committee, including the Chair, the vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the term by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Awards and Scholarships Committee.

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Utah Nurse Practitioners Association