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FREE UNP Day At The Capitol - Tomorrow Morning 8 am

Posted 5 months ago by Melissa J Hinton

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Register and join us in 12 hours! Friday, Feb 4, 8-10 am via Zoom

FREE Virtual UNP Day At The Capitol - relax and enjoy from your couch or your desk. Feel free to stop in only if you have a few minutes.

WHERE'S THE ZOOM LINK? The link is NOT published with this announcement in order to maintain online program integrity and security. Please register here. If you have lost your email link, watch for our invitation reminder email tonight. 

LEGISLATIVE INFORMATION: You will hear information about the APRN Compact bill (Senate Bill 151, also called SB151) sponsored by Senator Brambell and Representative Dunnigan. You will also learn about other 2022 state healthcare-related bills from our invited legislators.

We look forward to the UNP Day in preparation for your own conversation with your district legislators (you can find them here). This is called a "grass roots" effort. At times during the session, UNP will announce "Calls To Action" for urgent issues that need to be communicated. Please watch for these and contact your legislators immediately.


Face to face communication or direct conversation (telephone or virtual visit) with your legislators is always more impactful, but emailing or texting is also worthwhile. Always introduce yourself as their "constituent." 

1. Be sure to offer your services (thoughts, ideas, opinion) as a healthcare consultant AND be prepared to ask what they think about a certain topic like school nurses, lack of preceptors, what bills they are running or know about in healthcare, etc., etc.  You could also ask what they think APRNs do and invite them to follow you for an hour or two at work, or ask if they see a nurse practitioner for their healthcare needs.

2. ALWAYS be positive and frame responses with ideas/potential solutions for healthcare. Thank them for their service, even if you don't agree with their stance. 

3. Continue to periodically converse with your legislators every few weeks (your local senator and house representative) and ask if you can help with any questions. Keep in touch throughout the year.

4. You just became an APRN advocate in less than 10 minutes. Congratulations!

Utah has over 10,000 physicians compared to our 4,000 APRNs. Your voice is not just important to your own practice and your colleagues, it is important for our future and the healthcare climate in Utah. Thank you for your ongoing work and awareness of legislative issues.