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Scam Alert! Utah NPs getting scam calls - NOT DOPL

Posted about 1 year ago by Melissa J Hinton

Dear Utah NPs,

I received an email today from a member who was on her toes. She received a phone call from a man with a "heavy accent" who said that he represented DOPL. He told her that something was wrong with her license. She immediately hung up on him and called DOPL who assured her that nothing was wrong with her license. They knew about the scammer and said they had gotten several calls from concerned NPs. In addition, DOPL said that all of the callers reported the same speech description from the scammer.

Please notify your colleagues, your NP friends, and any other NPs you know about this. We hope that none of you end up losing money or worrying about your license. If you ever have any questions about your license, DOPL has told us that they are willing to field any of your calls. You can contact DOPL at or call (866) 275-3675.

All our best for your health and safety,

UNP Board of Directors

(P.S. A big thank you to the NP who contacted me with the information!)