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Discounts, Be a Preceptor, Become a Member!

Posted 9 months ago by Melissa J Hinton

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Three Updates:

1. There are so many things happening right now. We know times are tough right now, and we want to help out in any way we can. Here is a list of discounts you can redeem directly from home. Stay safe and healthy out there!

2. Give back --- Become a PRECEPTOR! There is a shortage of clinical sites right now. Please consider taking 2 minutes to fill out a form to be on UNPs Preceptor roster. If a student needs a preceptor, we will try to match them with you. Don't forget thathours dedicated to precepting count as CME hours on license renewal!

3. Become a member "with benefits!"  UNP offers amazing membership benefits ..... AND ..... 2021 promises another opportunity to remove the C&R language from our Scope of Practice laws. Your membership helps strengthen UNP in legislative discussions. Your colleagues need your voice so that we can all practice to the top of our education.


Melissa Foster 5 months ago

I am assisting a student pursuing a DNP , however her foci is psychiatric mental health and my foci is AG-ACNP .
Let me know if anyone is interested in precepting this student to fulfill requirements.
Thank you!
Melissa Foster DNP

Stephanie Sphar 4 months ago

I am looking for a preceptor. I will only need about 80 hours, between 2 preceptors in the fall.
Adult only please. I live in Ogden, but am willing to travel to Brigham City and to Salt Lake City.
I am in the RMUoHP DNP FNP program.

Let me know if there is someone to help out.
Thanks in advance!
Stephanie Sphar, BSN,RN

Melisa Stock 4 months ago

I am looking for an acute care preceptor in the fall. Patients age 13 and older. I’m willing to travel. Thank you!

Celessta Merrill 2 days ago

I am assisting an FNP student who is in need of family clinical hours. It has been very difficult to find hours during this time. I work in Telehealth serving the geriatric population but currently he needs hours in a family clinic. Let me know if anyone is Interested in Precepting this student and assisting with some hours.

Thank You!
Celessta Merrill, MSN, APRN

Julie Mahlstede about 2 hours ago

Hello! I am looking for 1-2 more preceptors to help get my hours starting next April. I am a PMHNP student. I still need someone to help me with hours for geriatric, substance abuse, crisis Evals, intakes, group therapy, family therapy, about 200 hours total. I am attending FNU-they do give out an honorarium. I live in Payson but can travel. I have been a nurse at the SLC jail for 5 years now. Thank you!

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