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Contact Your Representative NOW to Vote "Yes" on HB 336 & Membership Drive

Posted over 1 year ago by Michael Vreeland

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HB336 is on the Calendar to be read! NOW is the time to contact your House Representative!!! If you don't know who that is, CLICK HERE and type in your address. We anticipate it will be read today Feb 22nd or Monday. The Business and Labor Committee was bombarded by constituents asking for their support for this bill helped our bill get through "UNANIMOUSLY". We need to do this again in the House so the bill can move to the Senate! To pass the house, we need a majority vote.

Attached to this announcement is example letters and Legislature Handouts. Attempt to call them and identify yourself as their CONSTITUENT and a NURSE PRACTITIONERS/APRN, then send them an email using the attachements provided in this announcement. Special thanks to the Legislative Committee for providing letter templates you can use AND the Representative Flyer. 

The Utah Medical Association (UMA) is the ONLY organization opposing HB 336. And, they are fighting HARD (With an Armani Army of lobbyists)! So having your legislatures hear your voice is critical! I have no doubt we will succeed if we are united. I have seen personally your passion for your profession, patient care and excellence in healthcare. However, I also worry that our voice is not loud enough compared to the UMA.

Since serving as President of Utah Nurse Practitioners, I have been so encouraged to see our membership DOUBLE in just a little over a year! However, I worry this may still not be enough. Sadly, I have witnessed first hand how easily politicians can be swayed because of the influence an organization may be willing to offer to them. To combat this, we need to increase our power by INCREASING OUR MEMBERSHIP!

Therefore, Utah Nurse Practitioners will be having a membership drive. All new FULL MEMBERSHIP Fees will be discounted from $90 to $50 during the General Session! Use code "1VOICE2019". Your membership fees goes directly into the legislative fund, so we can continue to present future bills and advocate for your practice. Be sure to select "auto renew". Encourage your peers to join UNP and double check that your membership is uptodate

But if you have the means, please feel free to pay the full membership amount without using the code. In fact, donating to our legislative fund allows us to better advocate for your practice. Email and or call 801-918-1231, so we can accept your payment with credit card over the phone.  

Warm regards,

Mike Vreeland, APRN