New "Preceptor" Category Added To State Excellence Awards

Posted 6 months ago by Michael Vreeland

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Preceptors play a critical role in the education of nurse practitioner students. Without dedicated preceptors, students could not be provided a diverse array of excellent rotation opportunites. Preceptors take on the vital role of shaping the next generation of nurse practitioners. 

Therefore, UNP has added a "Preceptor" category. These preceptors are not only excellent role models, but have also demonstrated committement to UNP's core values. They will be recognized at UNPs Annual Membership Dinner at Thanksgiving Point

To nominate a Preceptor, fill out and submit a Nomination Form . We will also be updating our webform soon.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact Jackie Shifrar at

and mentors are essential in NP Training. In recognition of the growing need for preceptors, UNP has added a new category to the State Excellence Awards.