The website for Utah-1 DMAT is up and running.

Posted almost 9 years ago by Penny Jensen

DMAT is a federal group of healthcare and other support people who are often deployed to natural (an unnatural) disasters to provide medical support during disaster events. There is a lengthy process to join, but when you finish you are ready to be deployed. When you are deployed (for two weeks) you are federalized (and even paid) to assist in disaster situations.

There is much more information on the website including definitions, requirements, how to contact members and how to apply. As someone that was frustrated by not being able to help in Katrina or Haiti, this is a great way to give back to our nation with the skills we are privileged to have.

Our local leadership is very interested in having NPs on the team and they have asked me to get as many people involved as possible. The team is also made up of many different support groups, not limited to medical specialties. If you know someone that would be interested please direct them to the website.



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