UNP Supports HB 163 - Prescription Drug Amendments

Posted 10 months ago by Michael Vreeland

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Utah Nurse Practitioners supports HB 163 - Prescription Drug Amendments.

This bill allows Utah to purchase certain medications (such as inhalers and insulin), from other countries, at a fraction of the cost that is available in the United States. The idea behind this bill is to increase competition, driving down the cost of prescription drugs. By doing so, this increases patient access to healthcare. This is especially beneficial for patients with chronic illnesses. 

HB 163 will be heard in the Senate Business and Labor Standing Committee, this Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 at 8:30am, located in the Senate Building, Room 215.

CONTACT MEMBERS OF THIS COMMITTEE to voice your support! Click on the link provided, then click on "MEMBERS".

If time is an issue, focus your efforts on contacting Senate BLS Committee Chair, Senator Bramble, and your respective senators within your district. 

Follow this bill and others through the app Watch Utah Legislature Bill and follow "unpwatchlist".