SB58 Update

Posted about 3 years ago by Michelle Litchman

UNP Members,

We have the signatures of both the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate as of today. Final voting took place yesterday. We passed the house business and labor committee unanimously on Monday. There was some concern voiced by a few NPs in that hearing. As such, an amendment was introduced on the House Floor by Representative Fawson regarding clarification of checking the CSD. This gave us time to help him work with UMA and WCF so the bill wasn't killed over the amendment. It was passed unanimously in the House on Tuesday and sent to the Senate for consensus which occurred late Tuesday night. The Speaker of the House signed the bill late Tuesday night and the President of the Senate signed off today. The bill is now in the process of enrollment and then awaits the Governor's signature.

We are thankful to everyone who has had a hand in getting this legislation passed, especially our lobbying firm, Foxley & Pignanelli for their expertise and tireless work.

We continue to evaluate the ongoing need for changes and improvement in our practice act. At this point, the majority of NPs in our state will now have full practice authority after transition to practice as applicable.

Chris Singer
UNP Legislative Chair