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SB 58 and AANP Full Practice Authority status

Posted over 2 years ago by Amanda Al-Khudairi

Dear UNP members,

On February 25, 2016 we were able to take a huge step forward in our movement to obtain Full Practice Authority (FPA) by getting through the senate committee with unanimous approval and a consent recommendation. We are still hopeful to get our bill through this session of the legislature and invite each of you to continue to contact your legislators and ask for support.

The rules for FPA are somewhat political and set by AANP. Through a huge negotiation process, we have been able to obtain FPA for the vast majority of NPs in Utah and we have been able to garner support for our efforts moving forward. The national association has set a standard of all or nothing, which can severely hamper state efforts to create consensus among stake holders. UNP is disappointed in AANP for taking this stance. Every state is unique and the "cookie cutter" approach of one size fits all that AANP is advocating does not work in every state. We have been evaluating our association with AANP for a couple of years. We are concerned about their ability to recognize the unique needs of every state as well as their approach to helping each state improve the practice of NPs within each state.

In Utah, there are many issues that are unique to our state. Legislators want to help us, and have voiced that repeatedly. They also have a responsibility to their constituents to ensure that they are doing everything they can to promote safety and responsibility in opioid use and prescribing. We have provided evidence that we are not unsafe prescribers and have taken the stance to lead the way to help promote research and safety. Additionally, through continued negotiation and legislative activity we will demonstrate our safety and effectiveness. Therefore, we feel that this is an ongoing process that we are committed to pursuing.

We ask that all of you support these efforts and thank our legislators on the Business and Labor Committee for helping in this process. As an organization, we are committed to "continue the dialogue."


UNP Board