Senate Bill Update, Important! Please Read

Posted about 3 years ago by Amanda Al-Khudairi

February 6, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

On February 4, 2016 Senate Bill 58 was heard in the Senate Business & Labor Committee and passed unanimously to the Senate Floor.

Because of miscommunications, some of our membership, believe that the legislation will jeopardize their ability to practice. This frustration and emotion led to a very inappropriate letter against Senator Bramble that we sent out to our membership today and certain Senators on the Business & Labor Committee.

This letter did not reflect the facts. Our association was wrong to have sent it.

We have contacted Senator Bramble and expressed our apologies. We now realize how harmful this was to him personally and how completely inappropriate our actions were. We are committed, beyond any passage of legislation for or against our profession, to clear his name and rectify this situation for him. We realize the grievousness of this mistake and accept full responsibility.

Senator Bramble has worked tirelessly to broker a compromise between two trade organizations who have very differing opinions. His intentions have been good and just. He has been able to get our legislation further than any previous legislator ever has.

We realize that this letter has caused him personal harm by attacking his integrity as an individual and a human being. We commit to set emotion aside now and in the future and hope we may somehow rectify this for the Senator.

Regretfully, Dallen Ormond, PhD, NP

Utah Nurse Practitioners Association