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Immunization Legislation

Posted over 2 years ago by Michelle Litchman

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From UNP member, Beth Luthy:

I would like to ask UNP members to write letters to their Representatives in support of House Bill 221, which is entitled Immunization Exemption Amendments.

For a year I have been working with a colleague of mine and Dr. Cosgrove to pass legislation that makes it more difficult to obtain an immunization exemption while simultaneously making it easier to obtain the immunization.

We have been working with Representative Carol Spackman-Moss on Utah House Bill 221. I'll attach a short page with a few talking points. Also, the entire bill can be found at: http://le.utah.gov/~2016/bills/static/HB0221.html

The bill does not do away with immunization exemptions, but it requires an annual renewal of exemption with online training every year.

The bill was created with input from Dr. William Cosgrove (Pediatrician), Beth Luthy (Nurse Practitioner), Lacey Eden (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner), Rich Lakin (Utah Immunization Manager), Jen Brown (Utah Department of Health), and other members of the Utah Vaccine Scientific Advisory Council. Rich Lakin and Gina Tuttle (from Heber Health Department) have already started an outline for the training module.

Please support fellow UNP member and this bill, which will ultimately optimize the health of all of our patients.