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Legislation - We Need YOU!

Posted over 2 years ago by Michelle Litchman

UNP Members,

This is the time of year we all think about how we can give and serve others. UNP needs your help! Currently there is only one restriction to NP licensure in the state of Utah, the consultation and referral plan. Our neighboring states have full independence and we are seeking the same. If you haven't already, please contact your senator and/or representative about going away from consultation referral plans. If you would like help getting a meeting set up with your senator and/or representative, Foxley and Piganelli are happy to help you, please reach out to them by calling 801-355-9188. Thank you in advance for helping us to help you and the NP profession statewide, united we can put Utah on the map! 

Happy Holidays,

Your UNP Board