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Posted about 1 month ago by Melissa J Hinton in Legislative

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Notice: We need your help for a grassroots effort! The removal of the APRN new grad language in our Nurse Practice Act passed the Senate and the House Health and Human Services committee. It is going to the floor for FINAL VOTE this week (and then Senate again for concurrence).  SB003605 removes section 803 for new solo-practice NPs. APRNs will be able to establish a mentor that they trust and communicate well with instead of regulating that relationship by law. This does not remove the mentorship requirements for CRNA, CNM, or PMHNP practice which have separate licensing requirements.

1. Please take just a moment to follow this link and find out who your House Representative is (just enter your address and your Representative's name/contact information will be listed). 

2. Please, please, please reach out to your House Rep via email, text, or phone call urging your Representative to VOTE YES to SB36S5, PROFESSIONAL LICENSING AMENDMENTS (Brambell/Maloy) to remove final APRN barrier-to-practice language. 

That's it. Easy. It will take about 4 minutes to send a quick note.

Thank you so much for your makes a huge difference in voting!  Have a great week!

UNP Legislative Co-chairs and Committee