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2021-2022 UNP Board Nominations

Posted 3 months ago in Nominations

Call for Nominations for Board Positions from September 01, 2021 to October 01, 2021

Utah nurse practitioners are amazing and wonderful! During these challenging times, you all continued to provide excellent patient care. Many of you also worked on UNP activities and legislation which saw some major, positive changes occur during this past year. This included the passing of House Bill 287 which removed major restrictions to Utah NP practice.

Please consider how you can support your state NP organization. This includes recruiting for membership, voicing your opinion on the issues, and helping to build better inter-professional relationships. 

UNP also needs help on its' Board and Committees. There are currently 4 Board Positions and 1 Council Appointment which need to be filled.  It can feel like it is one more responsibility in your busy life but if enough NPs step forward, then the work load is distributed and manageable. As Henry Ford said, " Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."



**  If you are nominating another person, please don't forget to let them know you have bestowed this honor on them. :)

Here is a description of the Board Positions and Council Appointment:

Legislative Board Member: This is a 2 year term. It includes working with the Legislative Committee Chair on fund lobbying, some media campaigns, legislator donations, bill funding, etc. Help with administrative planning and implementation of the annual Day at the Capitol. It is an exciting activity and UNP members and students meet with legislators and attend capitol committee meetings to advance the Utah nurse practitioner profession and to improve patient healthcare systems.

Membership Board Member: This is a 2 year term. The member reviews monthly membership statistics/financials and is responsible for member recruitment and retention with autonomy and creative license (with president and board input). They direct student relations, fee discount campaigns, membership/renewal communications, other communication beneficial to the membership at large. They also work with DOPL, AANP, and other organization memberships, encouraging participation in UNP, AANP, and member specialty organizations.

Secretary Board Member: This is a 2 year term. The Secretary will take meeting minutes and upload to UNP Drive. The Secretary will conduct email correspondence for the UNP website and other communication needs per the Board. They will assist with electronic voting for board positions and appointments as directed per the Nominations Committee, as well as other communications as assigned (DOPL, Board of Nursing, etc.). They shall be a voting member of the Board.

Nominations Committee Member: This is a 3 year term. The Nominations Committee Member participates in the independent oversight and supervision for the annual nominations and ballots process, including vetting and the voting ballots for the UNP Board of Directors positions as set forth in the UNP bylaws. They are responsible for annual review and updates to the nominations and voting forms.

Awards and Scholarships Council  Appointment:  This is a 3 year appointed term (not voted). The council is responsible for the yearly nominations for UNP awards and two nurse practitioner student scholarships. The council oversees nominations, acquiring plaques/gifts, and present awards at the annual membership meeting for individuals who have positively impacted the Utah nurse practitioner profession and/or patient healthcare system. 

If you have any questions or would like to send the nominee's CV or additional information, please feel free to send us an email at **Please reference the nominee's name so that we can match it with this form.**

Thank you!

Nominations Committee